Chrismas is coming

HOG XMAS LOGOBack in July, Hand of Glory Records asked me if I wanted to write and record a Christmas song for a compilation that they were going to put out. Initially, I wasn’t sure. I’d just got back from France where the Heart Murmurs had had a wonderful time playing a festival and I was suddenly back in the very real world of living and working in London. Ideas of making and performing music were somewhat at the back of my mind, pushed aside by the more pressing matters of working, paying rent and getting on with things. My summer holiday was over, Chris, my collaborator in the Heart Murmurs was back in Scotland and I was broke and working full time. I couldn’t see a way of making a record. Then again, I didn’t want to waste an opportunity- I’ve known Will and Mary from HOG for years and I love the music they make and the stuff the label puts out- and I didn’t want to let them down either. My biggest obstacle was time: I’d need to write and record the song and get their approval on it within a couple of weeks as they wanted it all sewn up by the end of August. This was a little daunting as I work around 60 hours a week and the guy I wanted to record with has very little time available at his studio…

In the end I just went for it. I came up with the words for the chorus and the theme for the song whilst walking home from work. I also came up with the chorus melody. That night, so as not to disturb my flatmates, I took my guitar to the park and worked out the verses. That may sound ridiculous, but I needed the song written and I had so little time. Also, it was a warm evening and I’d just returned from a festival, so the idea of sitting in a field playing guitar seemed relatively normal, or at least less bizarre than it does now, in late November. I came up with the whole thing pretty quickly and managed to book a couple of late night sessions to record it. In the end, it worked out pretty well. Best of all Hand Of Glory liked it.

It’ll be out on Hand of Glory’s ‘Christmas Joy In Full Measure’ Released on Monday 1st December.

You can hear my track here:

You’ll be able to buy the album here:

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